Soccer Betting Tips

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When it comes to soccer betting tips, look no further, our team at AussieBets. Since they have been in the outside world they have been playing and following all major soccer leagues in the world like it was a religion. If it is the A-league, Premier League,  La Liga, World Cup or UEFA Champions League, they have got the stats that you can back and always keep an eye on the players and teams scoring goals or saving them.

Soccer Markets

When it comes to betting on soccer there can be over 400 different markets to choose from so it pays to be a fanatic of the game so you can find which options are going to win you the big bucks.

You will find the usual head-to-head market and plenty of markets around how many goals will be scored in the game. You can then really break down the different betting options you have on individual match statistics, like the popular OVER/UNDER corners market or how many red cards will be in the match.

Before each season starts there are also a mountain of markets to choose from. With soccer being the world’s game you can obviously decide on who is going to win each league and if you are brave enough you can throw them into a multi bet and watch your predicted return rise.

Speaking of multis, all of the best sports bookmakers will allow you to put together a same game multi, where you can multiply your bet with  markets in the same game like; France to win + France to score 3 goals + Kylian Mbappé to score 1st goal. 

Below are a few of the most popular Soccer Markets:


When it comes to Head-to-Head in soccer there is always a significant chance that the match will end in a draw, thus being the third option then just the two teams playing the match.

  • Perth Glory @ $3
  • Draw @ $3.50
  • Adelaide United @ $2.50

Line Betting or Handicap Betting

Line betting is when the bookies level the playing field by giving one team a handicap through a specific margin. The aim is to even things out between the two clubs. 

If the bookies have calculated that Sydney United will win by at least 2 goals they will give them -1.5 and Melbourne Victory will start +1.5. So if you predict that Melbourne will only lose by 1 goal you can take the Victory +1.5 meaning they do not have to win the match for you to get paid out they just have to not lose by 2.

Correct Score

Correct score betting is a toughie but a goodie for punters, however in soccer it is a little easier than other sports like rugby or AFL because there are not as many goals score in the match. Picking the correct score gives pretty good returns so it is a great way to build up the kitty.

Half-Time/Full-Time Double

This little beauty allows you to predict which team will be leading the game at both half-time and full-time. With a plethora of possibilities in any match, including the chance of a draw, you can really put your prediction skills to the test.

First Goal Scorer

As it reads, pick the player that scores the first goal in the match and you win, and usually pretty generously. When you have got a player like Erling Haaland, who practically scores every game for Man City, you can always get better value if you pick them to score first.


A very popular bet has become the OVER/UNDER/EXACT amount of corners in the game. Most bookies will give you a list of numbers signifying how many corners there will be with different odds attached. Your job is to decide if there will be OVER,UNDER or the EXACT amount of corners for both teams combined.

Soccer Multi Bets

If you are a gun tipster then Soccer multi bets are the way to go. All you need to do is string together your best bets for the weeks matches and put them in a multi to give you smashing odds and profitable returns.

What the majority of tipsters do is put all of the weekend’s predicted winners in a multi bet and if you tip the round you will reap the rewards, although, it is going to be your shout next round if you win!

Soccer Same-Game Multis

With the Same-Game multi, offered by online bookies, you can go wild and accumulate up to 12 bets within a single game with different bookmakers . It's like wrangling all your wagers into one neat package and improving your odds for a max payout. 

Most bookies now have a same-game multi builder that accumulates the odds depending on your choices, taking all of the brainwork out of it for you. Just choose your winning combination and decide how much to wager and you are done!

International and Club Soccer

International soccer tournaments and club football offer an abundance of betting opportunities as the world game is played at various levels worldwide, ensuring a constant stream of professional matches to wager on. While Europe hosts a significant portion of the action, punters can also analyze global tournaments and international events, providing a diverse range of betting options to explore.

International tournaments

  • FIFA World Cup*
  • UEFA European Championship
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup*
  • FIFA Youth World Cup*
  • AFC Asian Cup*
  • CAF Africa Cup of Nations
  • CONMEBOL Copa America
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • Olympic Games*

*denotes which tournaments Australia can qualify for and compete in.

Club football competitions

Australia & Asia

  • A-League
  • Australian FFA Cup
  • AFC Champions League
  • Chinese Super League
  • J-League

Europe & UEFA

  • Champions League
  • Europa League


  • English Premier League
  • English Championship
  • Football League Cup
  • English League One
  • English League Two
  • FA Cup

Scotland & Ireland

  • Scottish Premiership
  • Scottish Cup
  • Scottish Championship
  • Scottish League One
  • Scottish League Two


  • Serie A
  • Serie B
  • Lega Pro


  • La Liga
  • Segunda Division


  • Bundesliga
  • Bundesliga II

North & South America

  • US Major League Soccer
  • Argentine Primera Division
  • Brazilian Serie A
  • Copa Colombia
  • Uruguayan Primera Division

Soccer Live Streaming

Soccer fans have a range of streaming options available, depending on the games they wish to watch from around the world. For Australian national team matches, the Socceroos, all games are accessible for free through SBS On Demand. 

If you're following the A-League, subscriptions to Foxtel or Kayo are necessary, although some games are broadcast free on TENBold and available to Telstra customers. 

As for the English Premier League, it is exclusively streamed on Optus.

Soccer History

Soccer, also known as football in many parts of the world, boasts a rich history that dates back centuries. Its origins can be traced to various ancient games played in different cultures, but the modern form of soccer as we know it today began to take shape in England during the 19th century. The formation of standardized rules in the mid-1800s led to the establishment of soccer as an organized sport, and it quickly gained popularity across Europe and beyond.

The first official international soccer match took place in 1872 between England and Scotland, laying the groundwork for international competitions and the eventual creation of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) in 1904. Since then, soccer has become the world's most popular sport, captivating millions of fans and players worldwide, and it continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on the global sporting landscape.

Recent A-League Premiers

Year - Champion Team - Score - Runner-Up

  • 2021–22 Western United 2–0 Melbourne City
  • 2020–21 Melbourne City 3–1 Sydney FC
  • 2019–20 Sydney FC 1–0 (aet) Melbourne City
  • 2018–19 Sydney FC 0–0 (4–1) Perth Glory
  • 2017–18 Melbourne Victory 1–0 Newcastle Jets
  • 2016–17 Sydney FC 1–1 (4–2) Melbourne Victory
  • 2015–16 Adelaide United 3–1 Western Sydney Wanderers
  • 2014–15 Melbourne Victory 3–0 Sydney FC
  • 2013–14 Brisbane Roar 2–1 (aet) Western Sydney Wanderers
  • 2012–13 C. Coast Mariners 2–0 Western Sydney Wanderers
  • 2011–12 Brisbane Roar 2–1 Perth Glory
  • 2010–11 Brisbane Roar 2–2 (4–2) Central Coast Mariners
  • 2009–10 Sydney FC 1–1 (4–2) Melbourne Victory
  • 2008–09 Melbourne Victory 1–0 Adelaide United
  • 2007–08 Newcastle Jets 1–0 Central Coast Mariners
  • 2006–07 Melbourne Victory 6–0 Adelaide United
  • 2005–06 Sydney FC 1–0 Central Coast Mariners
  • 2003–04 Perth Glory 1–0 (aet) Parramatta Power
  • 2002–03 Perth Glory 2–0 Sydney Olympic

Recent English Premier League Champions

Season - Winner

  • 2021-22 Manchester City
  • 2020-21 Manchester City
  • 2019-20 Liverpool
  • 2018-19 Manchester City
  • 2017-18 Manchester City
  • 2016-17 Chelsea
  • 2015-16 Leicester City
  • 2014-15 Chelsea
  • 2013-14 Manchester City
  • 2012-13 Manchester United
  • 2011-12 Manchester City
  • 2010-11 Manchester United
  • 2009-10 Chelsea
  • 2008-9 Manchester United
  • 2007-8 Manchester United
  • 2006-7 Manchester United
  • 2005-06 Chelsea
  • 2004-05 Chelsea
  • 2003-04 Arsenal
  • 2002-03 Manchester United

Recent UEFA Champions League Winners

Season - Winners
  • 2022-23 Manchester City
  • 2021-22 Real Madrid
  • 2020-21 Chelsea
  • 2019-20 Bayern Munich
  • 2018-19 Liverpool
  • 2017-18 Real Madrid
  • 2016-17 Real Madrid
  • 2015-16 Real Madrid
  • 2014-15 Barcelona
  • 2013-14 Real Madrid
  • 2012-13 Bayern Munich
  • 2011-12 Chelsea
  • 2010-11 Barcelona
  • 2009-10 Inter Milan
  • 2008-09 Barcelona
  • 2007-08 Manchester United
  • 2006-07 Milan
  • 2005-06 Barcelona
  • 2004-05 Liverpool
  • 2003-04 Porto