Golf Betting Tips

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Surprising for some, but not for others is that golf is one the sports in Australia that sees the most money laid by punters. There are millions of people around Australia that go and hit a ball around 18-holes, but there are very few of us that can really play golf. At AussieBets, we love a round just like the next guy, but put our focus towards following players’ current and course form and checking wind conditions so we can provide the best tournament predictions possible.

Golf Markets

Golf betting offers various punting options, from futures bets on major tournaments to betting on the winner of the current week's golf tournament, along with numerous player props available each week. The most common type of golf bet is the outright market, where you bet on a player to win the tournament. 

Another popular option is betting each way, which divides your stake into 50% on the win and 50% on the place odds, providing a chance to win even if the golfer doesn't win outright but finishes high in the rankings.

For successful PGA predictions, a solid strategy is to look for golfers who have performed well recently or have a good track record at the specific course. Consistent top-10 finishes can indicate potential for future success, even if they haven't won yet.

So popular golf markets are below.

Outright Winner

Picking the winner of the tournament is the most straightforward way to bet on golf, but with 150+ entrants in the major tournaments, there is certainly not a shortage of players to choose from.


This betting market will split your investment into 50% on the outright win and 50% on the place. Depending on the sportsbook and tournament will determine how many ‘places’ the bookmaker will payout to, so be sure to check that out before you bet.

Due to the large field sizes and the four-day format of tournaments, the PGA Tour often sees a fair number of long shots winning or coming close to victory. The competitive nature of golf, combined with the unpredictability of player performance over multiple rounds, creates opportunities for lesser-known or underdog golfers to shine and achieve surprising success on the tour. 

Player Round Scores Over/Under

If you have a close eye on golf and individual player’s form this is one of the best markets to choose from. The bookmaker will present a score for the individual player and it will be up to you as the punter to decide if they will score OVER or UNDER the total. 

If a player’s form has been poor heading into the tournament's play or their history at that particular course is not so good, you are likely to pick the OVER, if the bookie has given a total that represents a lower or better round of 18-holes.

Group Betting

It is obviously simpler to pick a winner if you trim down the field and in golf you can bet on which player in a group of three or four will have the highest position on the leaderboard after 18 holes, focusing on a niche battle with smaller odds.

Betting on Golf Majors

The world’s biggest golfing majors are among the most-popular betting events on the sporting calendar and attract the game’s best talent, looking to etch their name in golf history.
Keep an eye out for these tournaments, which bookmakers will often target with special promotions and extra betting markets:

The Masters

Held in April at the legendary Augusta National Golf Club each year, the Masters is the biggest golf tournament in the world, in terms of attendance, viewers and global reach. US great Jack Nicklaus has won a record 6 Masters titles.

Open Championship

Played in the third weekend of July each year at a number of different courses and hosted by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, the British Open, or Open Championship, is the oldest of the majors, having been established in 1860. British great Harry Vardon still holds the record with 6 Open Championship titles with six.

PGA Championship

Held on the weekend prior to the US Memorial Day weekend and played at various locations around the US, the PGA Championship has been a huge part of the golfing calendar since it was first held in 1915. Jack Nicklaus and Walter Hagen share the record for the number of titles at five each.

US Open

The US Open is the oldest tournament held in North America, having been established in 1895. Held in the third weekend of June at a variety of locations around the country, it has seen Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Nicklaus share the spoils for the most titles, all lifting the crown four times.

Golf Live Streaming

For golf enthusiasts, there is always a tournament happening somewhere in the world, and you might wonder where to catch the action.

In Australia, the most comprehensive golf broadcaster is Kayo Sports, offering all the Fox Sports channels, 2 ESPN channels, and 3 beIN Sports channels. You can access these channels directly through Foxtel (Foxtel iQ or Foxtel Now) or via the standalone streaming service Kayo. 

Kayo provides the unique Split View feature, allowing you to watch multiple feeds of the same golf tournament (for selected events) or follow multiple live golf tournaments simultaneously, making it a fantastic option for avid golf fans.

Golf History

Golf's origins can be traced back to ancient ball-and-stick games played in Europe during the 12th century. The modern version of the sport took shape in Scotland in the 15th century, where the first written record of golf dates back to 1457.

Over the centuries, golf evolved with the establishment of prestigious golf clubs and courses. The first recorded golf tournament, The Open Championship, took place in 1860. Golf gained global popularity in the 20th century, with the formation of professional tours like the PGA Tour in the United States and the European Tour. 

Today, golf is enjoyed by millions of players and fans worldwide, with iconic players like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Annika Sörenstam leaving lasting impressions on the sport's rich history.