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Best Socceroos of all time - Who is Australia’s best ever soccer player?

12 Jan 2024
Jeremy Darke 12 Jan 2024
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  • The greatest Socceroos ever
  • Who is the greatest to ever play soccer for Australia?
  • Aussiebets experts give you their opinion
Mark Viduka, Harry Kewell, Mark Schwazer
Could this be the greatest Socceroos team ever? (Photo credit should read SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Best Socceroos of all time - Who is Australia’s best ever soccer player?

  • Best Socceroos of all time - Who is Australia’s best ever soccer player?
  • 5) Johnny Warren
  • 4) Mark Viduka
  • 3) Harry Kewell
  • 2) Tim Cahill
  • 1) Mark Schwarzer

I would say, since making the World Cup in 2006, soccer otherwise known around the world as football, has boomed in our land and we have begun to develop a much better pool of players that are featured all around the world in hundreds of different leagues.

The quality is improving, as we saw with our equal-best run to the round of 16, narrowly losing to eventual World Cup Champions Argentina in 2022, after getting outclassed by none other than the man who many would call the GOAT, Lionel Messi.

But who is the best player to have ever put on a Socceroos jersey, can you compare them, you bet you can. 

Here is aussiebets top 5 Socceroos of all time.

5) Johnny Warren

The best way to start off this list is with “Captain Socceroo” himself, Johnny Warren. The Australian legend put the sport on the map in our country and although he doesn’t have the 100 plus caps or the flurry of goals, he was a pioneer for soccer in Australia.

Warren’s work off the pitch started the soccer movement in the country and he always has to be present on any list that discusses the sport in Australia. A legend that deserves to be remembered as one of the greats of the game.

4) Mark Viduka

Viduka was a different breed of power-forward that Australian soccer had never really seen before, his ability to hold up the play and back into the defence waiting for the troops to arrive was a tactic that Australia used many times with our counter-attack style of play.

Viduka was the captain of the Socceroos on their run to the 2006 World Cup and despite missing a critical penalty in the qualifier, he will still be remembered as a pivotal player in the rise of Australian football.

3) Harry Kewell

I don’t think that there was a kid in the 90’s that didn’t have a Harry Kewll jersey, either a gold Socceroos one or a Leeds kit, if they were into soccer. 

Kewell dazzled with his speed and his pinpoint passing skills that put Australians on the map and created an interest for Aussies in international clubs. His form for Leeds even got him a nomination for the Ballon d’Or, which is an achievement in itself. 

Unfortunately, Kewell’s career was riddled with injury and robbed us of the possibility of truly seeing what an immaculate footballer he could have become.

2) Tim Cahill

Many have Tim Cahill as the greatest Socceroo there ever was and that is completely understandable. The little pocket rocket scored 50 goals in 108 appearances for Australia and was the most electrifying player to ever put on the green and gold jumper.

Cahill's signature leap scoring clutch goals with his head and even more memorable boxing cornerpost celebrations will forever be burned into the history of Australian soccer.

1) Mark Schwarzer

Say what you want, but without Mark Schwarzer as the goalkeeper, we would not even be talking about any of the other 3 players above him on this list. 

Schwarzer saved our butts too many times with his lanky style between the pipes and also his incomparable leadership from the back, directing the defence and often making it difficult for opponents to break through when we sat back behind the ball for so many years. 

He may not have the glamour job or the pretty haircut, but 109 caps for the Socceroos and a successful career in the Premier League puts him at the top.

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