Cricket Betting Tips

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Cricket Betting Tips

There is no better pastime and nothing more Aussie than kicking back, putting your feet up, chucking some meat on the barbie and watching the cricket. 

It doesn’t matter what form of cricket it is these days, 20Twenty, one-dayers or five long days of an international test our experts at AussieBets have been putting in the hard work enjoying the summers of cricket year in and year out. 

T20 cricket and the Big Bash has given punters a more explosive way to have a bet and here at AussieBets we will be riding every boundary and every wicket with you, jotting notes and punching the numbers to give our readers the inside scoop. 

We’ll also have a close eye on all the Aussie Internationals, following the first XI around the world and providing statistical previews for each match. 

Cricket Betting Markets

The joy of cricket is that there are three different strategies that need to be taken into account when betting on the three different forms of the game. However the markets are all the same, but the probability of runs and wicket totals may change.

There are plenty of common markets like backing a team’s highest run scorer or wicket taker, or player props of overs and unders in both runs and wickets, with the bookies setting the totals. That is all pretty straight forward. However betting on batting milestones and individual run totals is where strategy needs to come into play. 

Knowing where a batter is in the order and the scores expected of those at the crease prior is where your bets can be won and lost in limited overs cricket. Understanding the venue and pitch is also important when betting on batting and bowling totals, so do your research or let us at AussieBets do it for you.

Head to Head

Picking a team ‘To Win the Match’ is the easiest way to bet on cricket. Simply do your research and pick the team that you believe will be victorious.

Line Betting or Handicap Betting

Picking the match handicap is a little different in cricket than other sports due to the fact that there are two ways a team can win. A team batting first will be classified as the winner by the amount of runs left to chase after bowling out their opposition who are second at bat. If a team is bowling first and are victorious they will be classified as the winner by how many wickets they have left to lose once they have surpassed the total set by their opponents while batting.

The bookies will then give a wickets/runs handicap along with their odds for the line provided.

For example:

-3.5 wkts / -12.5 runs

South Africa
+3.5 wkts / + 12.5 runs

With this match handicap it would mean that if Australia were to cover they would need to win by 4 wickets if bowling first or 13 runs if batting first. 

Top Match Batter / Bowler

Probably one of the most popular markets to bet on in cricket is the top match batter or bowler. To make it a little “easier” you can also simplify the market to each individual team in the match. 

The market works exactly as it reads, predict which batter will score the most runs and you will get a fairly hefty return with odds generally the shortest at upwards of $5 if the teams are reasonably matched.

Same goes for the bowling markets, choose the bowler that you expect to take the most wickets and once again see returns from odds of at least $5 in most games.

Batting / Bowling Milestones

Batting milestones are the best way to ride your picks throughout their entire innings at the crease. In the milestone batting market you can back a batsman to make 10+, 30+, 50+, 70+ or 100+ runs in the match with bookies providing more enticing odds the higher the total, of course. 

Bowling milestones work in the same way where you predict how many wickets a bowler is going to take during the match. You predict if your choice of bowler will take 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+ or 5+ wickets in the match.

Batter / Bowler Performance

This market is all about overs and unders and works in the same way as picking a game total in any sport. The set total by the bookies will be given based on the expected runs or wickets of the specific player. 

Lets say Mitch Marsh is in fine form with the bat in a ODI series, the bookies may set his expected total at 37.5 runs at 1.90 odds for the over or under. This gives you the punter, the choice to decide if Marsh will score between 0-37 runs (under) alternatively 38 or more (over).

When it comes to bowlers however, the bookies will almost always have the total set at 1.5 wickets and will vary the price given for over or under. 

If Pat Cummings has been in destructive form with the ball, the book may set the price at 2.20 for under 1.5 wickets and 1.65 for the over 1.5. Although, if Cummings was in terrible form the over and under prices would be switched, as the expectation of taking 2 or more wickets would be less, thus giving a better price.

Cricket Multi Bets

During the Big Bash or a World Cup of any cricket form, a great way to bolster your odds is to throw your favourite winners into a multi bet. 

Especially when some of the powerhouse nations are up against weaker competition, a multi is a great way to build up your odds on the sure things.

Cricket Futures Betting

If you do not have an Ashes future bet on at least a year before the most important series in Australian sport, are you really an Aussie?

With cricket series going on all around the world, all year round there are plenty of future bets to be laid. The T20I World Cup is also played every two years while the ODI World Cup is played every four years, which are the two biggest future markets to bet on.

Cricket Live Streaming

While some cricket content can be accessed on free-to-air television, for the ultimate cricket experience, Fox Cricket through platforms like Kayo Sports, Foxtel iQ, or Foxtel Now is the way to go. 

Most of the thrilling cricket action is exclusively available on Foxtel and Kayo Sports, with Channel 7 also getting in on the excitement. 

To stream cricket, the Cricket Australia Live app is an option, but it now requires a Kayo subscription for access to major matches. 

Foxtel and Kayo Sports simulcast all local Test match cricket and the Big Bash League, while Channel 7 offers a limited selection of matches in the BBL and WBBL, as well as coverage of all domestic Test matches.

Our recommended way of watching cricket is to sign up with bet365, who stream action from thousands of sports events every week including major cricket competitions around the world.

Cricket History

The history of cricket traces its origins back to England in the late 16th century, where it gradually evolved from earlier bat-and-ball games. By the 18th century, cricket had gained substantial popularity, leading to the formation of the prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and the establishment of the Laws of Cricket. 

As the British Empire expanded, cricket spread to various corners of the world, including India, Australia, and the West Indies, becoming an integral part of the cultural and sporting landscape in these regions. The 19th century marked the dawn of international cricket, with the inaugural Test match recorded in 1877 between England and Australia.

Over time, the sport continued to flourish globally, with the foundation of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1909. 

Today, cricket enjoys widespread popularity worldwide, with strong followings in countries such as India, Australia, England, and South Africa. It encompasses a range of formats, including the enduring Test cricket, the thrilling One Day Internationals (ODIs), and the fast-paced Twenty20 (T20) cricket.