Latest Bookmaker Referral Codes

Looking for referral codes for the best betting sites around? We have a complete guide to the codes you need when signing up. 

Use the table below to find the latest bookmaker codes available from bookmakers and find the information on how they work, what they do, how you can use them and other key details.

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Last updated on 19 Apr 2024

What Are Bookmaker Promo Codes?

A promotion code is a code consisting of numbers or letters, or sometimes both, and can be used on a betting site to unlock a number of benefits. 

They generally are used to obtain some form of special offer from a global betting sites such as free bets, welcome offers or odds boosts.

In Australia, they grant access to promotions rather than a bonus as bookmakers are prevented from offering sign-up offers. You can then find promos once signed into your account.
If a betting site has a promo code, referral codes or affiliate codes, there is usually a box where it must be entered. Some betting sites have the promotional box at the point of registration while others may require you to enter it when you are about to claim an offer.

Latest Betting Sites Codes

A number of Australian bookmakers have launched codes to use when signing up, and AussieBets rounds up them below including the latest code.

  • Bet365 - BESTBETS
  • - BETSAU
  • Dabble - BETSAU
  • EliteBet - BETSAU
  • Ladbrokes - BLACKBOOK
  • Marantelli Bet - BETS
  • MidasBet - BETSAU
  • Neds - BLACKBOOK
  • Picklebet - BETS
  • PuntNow - BESTBETS
  • Rob Waterhouse - BETSAU
  • TopSport - BETSAU
  • WinnersBet - BETS

Below you can find the latest articles and guides on bookmaker codes available.

Other Names For Codes

Promo codes are known by different names, depending on the betting sites involved. Some operators use terms like bonus code, deposit code, affiliate code or referral code. Whatever name it is called, it all serves the same function.

Types of Codes Available For Betting Sites

There are different types of codes, each unlocking different benefits in the betting adventure depending where you are in the world. Some of the popular types of promo codes, include:

Sign Up Code

In Australia, you simply use a code to sign up. These gain access to promotions which are hidden behind a registration wall.

Elsewhere in world, where bonuses and offers are more readily available, you might find the follow types of codes.

Deposit Match Bonus

Promo codes attached to this usually offers to match a percentage of a player’s deposit. A lot of betting sites offer a 100% deposit match, effectively doubling your outlay.

Free Bet Promo Code

This type of promo code can unlock all kinds of free bets, specifically after meeting specific wagering requirements. There is usually a wide variety of free bets available on a betting site and some of them may require promo codes

Cashback Promo Codes

These promo codes can be used to unlock certain refund offers. The offers unlocked by this promo code are usually a percentage of losses back to the bettor. This sort of promo code helps reduce the overall risk of betting, ensuring you don’t lose everything.

VIP/Loyalty Codes

These codes are used to reward high-value or loyal customers. They offer all kinds of exclusive rewards, such as higher betting limits and personalised offers. These codes can also unlock tickets to concerts or discounted hotel stays.

How Do Promo Codes Work?

Promo codes work in a wide range of ways depending on the betting site in question. However, they all follow a similar procedure as there is usually a box where the code needs to be entered.

If the promo code is attached to a new customer offer, you will have to enter the code at the point of registration or when making a first deposit. There are a few betting sites who fill in the code automatically to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Once the qualifying deposit and met the other requirements, the unlocked offer will be made available. It may appear in your bonus balance or will appear as an option on your betting slip when it can be used.

Some betting sites have promo codes for existing customers as a way to reward them for their betting activity. In this case Players will receive an email or a message into their betting account with the promo code. 

Betting Site Codes FAQs

What is a promo code?

A promo code is a code consisting of numbers or letters, which can be used on a betting site to unlock a number of benefits. Ideally it generally used to obtain some form of special offer from a betting site, although it is used to simple access promotions in Australia.

Can I use the same promo code twice?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the same promo code twice as they are generally one-time only when signing up. The codes are usually linked to a specific event or used when registering.

Are promo codes only for new users?

Promo codes are usually common with signing up for accounts which means new users are usually the targets. However, there are some betting sites with promo codes that is used to reward loyalty of existing customers or inserted when depositing.

What is the difference between bonus code and promo code?

There is no difference between bonus codes and promo codes as they serve the same purpose. They are just different terms used by betting sites to refer to the same thing, with some operators also calling it a referral code.

Do promo codes have an expiry date?

Yes, promo codes generally have expiry dates, although it usually varies across multiple betting sites. Some operators have promo codes that only last days while there are a few that can last for weeks.